High-level overview of Drip Dropz

Would you like to have your Cardano cake and eat it too? Do you feel like you are missing out on opportunities to find new and exciting token projects? DripDropz is here with a way for you to continue to support small Stake Pool Operators while acquiring new token projects on Cardano. Using Drip Dropz, you access token drops that previously required you to switch stake pools.

The Cardano ecosystem has produced several novel fundraising techniques to build virtual and real-world applications. One method that generated tremendous excitement is the ISPO model or Initial Stake Pool Offering.

This method has proven to work exceptionally well for some providers, as they can offer rewards to their delegators that other pools may not be able to offer. The unfortunate side effect is the loss of delegates for smaller Stake Pool Operators, who often cannot compete with a new, exciting project.

The most recent illustration of the ISPO model was the Sundae Scoopers announcement, with only 30 pool groups were selected to participate. The benefitting pools experienced explosive growth, with some operators opening additional pools to accommodate the swarm of new delegates. This also left a large hole in the Single Stake Pool Operator community, where many lost access to millions of dollars of delegation due to this model. This sudden shift to fewer stakepools is a cause for concern, because it affects the level of decentralization of the Cardano ecosystem.

DripDropz provides the entire community with a solution that can help mitigate future occurrences of the ISPO model. DripDropz can distribute native token rewards to select delegators or the entire blockchain!

How it Works — Token Creators

DripDropz is free to participate for Native Token Creators. Fill out the onboarding form and provide details for your token. You will be able to select distribution to individual stake pools, the whole blockchain, or both, with higher or lower rewards, depending on the parameters you set. You will need to provide the tokens to a unique wallet specified by DripDropz. Your token will then be distributed according to the rules that you set in your onboarding form.

How It Works — Stake Pool Operators

There is no cost for a Stake Pool Operator. We do recommend that Stake Pool Operators inform their delegators about DripDropz, and how they can use it to gain access to tokens. SPOs may also wish to contact Native Token Creators that align with their mission to look for ways to support one another. Our Discord server has special roles and channels set aside for SPOs and Token Creators so that you can collaborate.

How it Works — End Users

DripDropz is your solution to discover native tokens and to begin collecting them. Each Epoch, you can visit DripDropz.io and enter your wallet’s receive address. DripDropz will automatically search for all of the tokens that your address qualifies for and allow you to select the tokens that you wish to receive. You will pay a small transaction fee, and you will need to provide the amount of ADA required to complete the transaction.

Participating Tokens


ADA Shiba



















Stripper Coin





Drip Dropz provides token dispensing services to the Cardano community. An intuitive platform that offers projects a selection of distribution parameters.

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Drip Dropz

Drip Dropz provides token dispensing services to the Cardano community. An intuitive platform that offers projects a selection of distribution parameters.